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When I Focused on This, Everything Fell Into Place 


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We’re in the last lap of 2023 — and if you want to end the year with a giant exclamation point of accomplishment, there’s ONE THING you can do: 

Zero in on your “Sphere of Control.” 

That means focusing on things you actually have control over, like:  

  • Your actions 
  • Your mindset 
  • Your effort 

… And letting go of everything else. 

Here’s a graphic that shows how this sphere works: 

photo is an infographic of your sphere of control

When you focus on the things you control, you move FORWARD toward your goals. 

A few health and fitness examples of your sphere of control: 

  • The quality of the food you eat 
  • Your workouts 
  • Your performance and consistency 

Plus, your efforts in your “things you can control” circle carry a bonus. They can power the “things you can influence” by helping you make gains there, too. 

Some health/fitness-related examples in your sphere of influence: 

  • Setting up your bedroom so it’s cool, dark, and quiet, to help you get a great night of sleep 
  • Being consistent with your workouts and nutrition, to lose weight or get into shape 
  • Keeping an up-to-date calendar (including times for meals, self-care & workouts), to stop your schedule from getting out of control.  

There are also things you can’t control or influence, no matter how hard you try! To name a few: the weather, the passing of time, and your genetics.  

It’s much better to work WITH those things than drive yourself nuts trying to control them. 

I do a quick scan of my “sphere of control” every few months. It helps me streamline my thinking so I can focus on the things that I can do to move me forward, faster. 

Right now, for me, that means staying consistent with my morning routine, my meal plan and my workouts. Blocking off time in my calendar NOW so that I don’t get sidetracked by all the hustle of the holidays.  

What does it mean for you? What are your top 2-3 actions to put on “repeat” for the rest of the year?  Share in the comments!

Let’s do this! 🙂  

Make it an amazing day, 

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