End the war with
your weight and yourself

Imagine waking up feeling energized, looking in the mirror and seeing yourself vibrant, glowing and in a body that feels healthy and loved.
How would you feel? 

If you want to lose weight, have more energy and look great – you’ve found the right program. No more diets. No more deprivation. No more self-doubt. Only fun, enjoyment and results. 

You can do it. You are worthy. And you WILL look and feel great again.

I'm Ready!

Welcome to Your Metabolism  Jumpstart

I designed this program for busy, menopausal women (like me) who want to feel great and love their bodies. Women who have spent decades being at war with their weight (and themselves). Women who have become professional dieters; trying the latest diet fad, eliminating whole food groups, caffeinating constantly to manage fatigue and brain fog; buying billowing tops to hide a growing mid-section; committing to (yet another) exercise challenge (and getting nowhere).

Does this sound like you?

These are common things I hear from women who join my program:


I’ve tried it all before anyway and none of it really worked


I don’t want to DIET, I just want to FEEL BETTER and enjoy my life


I’m skeptical of the fad diets, exercise routines and 20-something influencers trying to sell me gimmicky junk


I want to repay the loan I’ve taken out on my body – I know years of STRESS have taken its toll and want to invest in longevity, disease prevention, and stress reduction


Self-care seems like a foreign concept  – but maybe it’s time to explore?


Incessant brain fog has dulled my creative edge at work


I find myself snapping at those I love most


My energy levels have bottomed out – no amount of coffee seems to help


Even if I have exciting plans, getting dressed steals the joy and excitement


I don’t recognize myself when I look in the mirror. Seeing myself in photos tanks my confidence and ruins my day


I have issues with losing weight, digestion, sleeping, 
low energy, hormones, skin conditions, and even relationships


My health or weight has more control over my life than I do

"Lora has helped me understand the importance of nutrition in weight loss.

I was in denial about what I needed to do to make the change that I was after. The great news was that she gave me some simple rules to live by and some simple changes to make that would
completely change my results."

— Heather

"This is not a fad or a quick fix. This program is designed to change the way you feel & look!

I am thrilled to share that I no longer need or want to fill my body with junk. I have the energy and ambition that I thought was lost to getting older and I'm shedding that stubborn fat around my middle! Lora was incredibly supportive and motivating as well! I now feel better & believe that I look
better because I'm happy
with my results." 


"I never thought I’d lose this weight. No matter how carefully I watched what I ate
or worked out. 

But Lora gave me clarity - and created accountability - so I could see how my choices impacted my results. Now it's 1 year & 80 pounds later, it’s amazing to see how this mindset shift has snowballed into other areas of my life. My joint issues are gone, I sleep better, and my brain fog is lifted. I no longer wake up with all that achy inflammation in the mornings. Now I have a lot of energy & I'm ready to take on the day.
Lora has changed my life!! 

- Molly

guess what...

This was me too. I was the “I’ll start Monday” queen. 

I would torture myself for getting off track, then reach for food to make me "feel better" which just made me feel worst. I spent years on this hamster wheel. 

Then, in 2004, even after years of working as a certified holistic nutritionist and executive wellness coach, I finally learned about proper balance and the glycemic index. It was like I’d given my metabolism a JUMPSTART. I remember feeling like "Wow, I'm not going crazy" It isn't just about will power, or needing to 'suck it up.' (Thank goodness...).

When I combined this knowledge with other facets of the wellness wheel - the mental, emotional, spiritual - I felt like I had cracked the code.

I began losing weight and feeling better. I almost felt like I was cheating the system - because I wasn't struggling like I had in the past. And having the energy, confidence and joy back in my life was a total bonus.

I have seen firsthand, in my own life – and now with hundreds of clients, the transformational power of eating and living this way.  


The Metabolism Jumpstart

In my four-week self-guided program, you’ll learn the secrets to becoming a fat-burning machine. If you want to burn belly fat, increase your energy, kick carb & sugar cravings, balance your hormones, get rid of brain fog and increase your confidence, then
this is the program for you


Here's What You'll Get

Coaching & Training

A step-by-step plan for building new habits for your short- and long-term success. Including: 

  • Meal planning & food prep made simple
  • How to kick your sugar and carb cravings to the curb
  • How to eat right for you 
  • Healthy Food Swaps (right in the grocery store)
  • Eating out and traveling

Meal Plans & Shopping Lists

Resources and guides for incorporating nourishing – and nutritious foods into your daily life. Including:  

  • Meal planning with daily + weekly meal plan examples
  • Shopping lists & recipes that you can personalize to your taste 
  • Food charts, handouts, and tons of other resources to maintain your new healthy lifestyle


Lots of easy-to-prepare, gluten free & dairy free real food recipes for meals you’ll love. Including:

  • Quick and easy meals that require next to no cooking skills  
  • Recipes that consist of real, whole foods that increase energy and reduce cravings
  • Meal ideas you get to keep long after the 4-week program is over

Plus, Bonuses

  • Exclusive Access to our Private Facebook Group
  • New-found self-love & increased confidence  
  • A new set of health-affirming daily habits
  • New tools for shifting your mindset and your mood 
  • Access to connect with other women on the same journey to share experiences and encourage one another 
  • Lifetime access – all the content is yours to keep forever

enroll now

You won’t be hungry. Yes, I did say – no hunger here! 
You’ll eat delicious meals and yummy snacks every day. (can I get an Amen!)


You’ll learn how to make YOU a priority.


You’ll connect with other women on a similar journey so you can share experiences and encourage one another.


You’ll see your productivity soar with a clearer mind that can focus like a laser beam.


You’ll get step-by-step guidance laid out in a clear and simple format. No complicated calculations or measurements or volumes of reading material to sift through.  


You’ll get educated, and in a very fun way, so you can keep the weight off and live a healthier lifestyle with confidence (I call that mood enhancer).


You’ll have glowing, radiant skin all over and that’s pretty darn sexy (move over Jennifer Aniston).


You’ll drop up to 4 inches around your waist, 9 inches total by releasing fat. It isn’t always about how much weight you lose but how your clothes fit and how you feel in them.


You’ll be like a rocket-charged engine with increased energy all day and be sleeping restfully at night. 


You’ll kick your cravings to the curb! Get rid of your carb and sugar cravings for good and feel better than you ever have (no more cravings for cookie or chips).


You’ll lose 5-15 lbs by the end of the program! And you’ll be rocking your old favorite jeans.


by the end of your metaboliSM jumpstart you will...

How does this sound?

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Let's Do This!


I have energy during the day, reduced that nasty brain fog and I'm even sleeping better! Thank you for showing me how to also maintain my healthy lifestyle and results."

"I love how great I feel and how this has become a lifestyle. I dropped 27 lbs...


My confidence & energy have increased tremendously! I highly recommend this program and Lora!"

I lost 8.5 lbs. in 5 weeks without every feeling hungry! 


Lora helped me personally troubleshoot around the social, emotional, and behavioral triggers that have been foundational to my 35-pound weight loss. 

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge & expertise and giving me the tools to live a healthy life.

Jennifer F.

Yes, It Really Works

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