Menopause Health Coach Services

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I provide proven, actionable, holistic wellness coaching and programs for women in perimenopause through postmenopause. My ultimate passion and purpose is to help women feel great and love their bodies. I've done it for me - I can help you too.

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I Understand What You Are Going Through

I'm a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with over 27 years of experience and I've been through what you are going through with perimenopause and postmenopause. 

I used to be overweight and felt like crap all the time. But in 2004 I finally learned about proper balance and the glycemic index while exploring comprehensive Menopause Health Coach Services. I remember feeling like, "Wow, I'm not going crazy." It isn't just about will power, or needing to 'suck it up.' (Thank goodness...).

When I combined this knowledge with other facets of the wellness wheel - the mental, emotional, spiritual - I felt like I had cracked the code.

I began losing weight and started feeling better. It almost felt like I was cheating the system - because I wasn't struggling like I had in the past. And having the energy, confidence and joy back in my life was a total bonus.

My Menopause Mission

3x Ways to Work Together


Weekly one-on-one sessions and a customized plan

2. programs

Group and self-guided programs to set you up for success.

3. Professional speaker

Inspiration and motivation for your next event.

Menopause Health Coach Services

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You're looking for 1X1 accountability and support - aka you want me all to yourself ;)

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- One-on-one coaching and training held via Zoom

- Sessions begin with a deep dive into your specific needs, wants and desires.

- From there, you'll learn my step-by-step system for when, what and how to eat to look and feel your best, for good!

- Each week we will address any challenges and help you hone new habits, routines (and a mindset) that will allow you to transform your body, improve your health, increase your energy and grow your confidence.

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Private Coaching

Weekly one-on-one sessions where we explore where you've been, discuss the goals and results you're after, and co-create your customized plan for how we'll get there.

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A Good Fit For You If:

You enjoy supporting (and being supported by) like-minded women.

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- Small programs (6-10 people)
- Weekly Zoom meetings
- Support via a Facebook group community 
- BONUS: 30 minutes one-on-one private session with Lora

Success guide and program resources are chock full of recipes, meal ideas, tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals! 

    Group Programs

    Together, we work through action plans that address every day obstacles so you build a new lifestyle vs. going on a temporary, unsustainable diet. 


    Two different courses that provide a plan, on-going support and actionable steps. Choose which is best for you.

    My self-guided courses allow you to go at your own pace and on a timeline that works for you. 

    metabolism jumpstart

    plant-based transformation


    You want a program to do at your own pace on a timeline that works for you.

    Professional Speaker

    Inspiration and motivation for living happy, healthy and whole, delivered at your team's next all-hands or team retreat.

    Never before has health and well-being been more important in the workplace. Study after study shows the real and distinct business benefits of investing in the physical, mental and emotional health of your employees. I provide proven, actionable, wellness tips to help your team be more successful in their personal and professional lives.

    A few of my most popular keynotes include:
    - You vs Stress: How to Be the Winner
    - How to Maximize Your Energy & Focus
    - Healthy You Healthy Bottom Line
    - Navigating Your Menopausal Journey

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    Your team is looking to make wellness at work a priority.

    Struggling to Lose Weight In Menopause

    Don't worry I was as well. I spent years on this hampster wheel... 

    Ordering the newest diet book.

    Buying the billowing tops to hide your mid-section.

    Committing to yet another exercise challenge (and getting nowhere).

    Eliminating whole food groups.

    Trying the latest fad diet.

    Caffeinating constantly to manage fatigue and brain fog.

    Does this sound like you too?
    If so, I can help.

    help me!

    hey there!

    "The difference between Lora and the (many) other things I’ve tried is that Lora’s approach is holistic. It isn't a one-size-fits-all solution.

    She helped me personally troubleshoot around the social, emotional, and behavioral triggers that have been foundational to my 35-pound weight loss."

    - Jennifer F.

    "Thank you for sharing your knowledge & expertise and giving me the tools to live a healthy life.

    I have a sense of wellness & control over how I feel, food choices I make and the results. Yes of course there are missteps but having the information allows me to reset & recover. A BIG thank you to Lora!"

    - Shirley

    "I had a wonderful experience working with Lora in our group! My key takeaways were game changers - 

    Foods to eat together, optimal times to eat, how to eliminate the sugars. I learned that dieting doesn't work and eating well is a way of life. The most exciting part is I lost 8.5 lbs. in 5 weeks without every feeling hungry! My confidence & energy have increased tremendously! I highly recommend this program and Lora!"

    - Joanne

    "I am thrilled that after working with you for only 1 month, my hot flashes have significantly decreased!"

    My stomach feels so much better as well. I've tried so many things and nothing worked before. Thank you so much for helping me Lora. 

    - Becky

    "I love how great I feel and how this has become a lifestyle. I dropped 27 lbs...

    I have energy during the day, reduced that nasty brain fog and I'm even sleeping better! Thank you for showing me how to also maintain my healthy lifestyle and results."

    - Jeanne

    Where do I even begin Lora ... I'm speechless! I have dropped 16 pounds in 6 weeks but even better, I feel so healthy and so much more energized! Even my skin is looking so much better. 

    Before I found you, I thought I was watching what I ate and couldn't understand why I felt so sick and out of control. I wasn't happy and all I wanted to do was lay down. My Doctor said I would be on Prilosec for the rest of my life but guess what ... I haven't taken it for a week and no issues like I had before! Thank you Lora for putting all the pieces together for me and showing me how to eat more food (lots of veggies) and in the right combination

    - Peggy

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What exactly does a Menopause Health Coach do?

    A Menopause Health Coach specializes in supporting women through the physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes that occur during perimenopause and menopause. By offering personalized tips, actionable strategies, and emotional support, we guide you towards a healthier, more balanced life during this transitional phase so you feel great and love your body. 

    How can Menopause Health Coach Services benefit me?

    These services provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support to navigate menopause confidently. From managing symptoms effectively to making lifestyle changes that enhance your overall well-being, our goal is to empower you to thrive during perimenopause and menopause.

    Can your services help with weight management during menopause?

    Absolutely. Weight management is a common concern among perimenopausal and menopausal women, and our services include nutrition tips, lifestyle adjustments, and support to help you manage your weight effectively during this time.

    Do you have recipes that are good for weight loss?

    Yes, we offer a curated collection of recipes specifically designed to enhance your metabolism and support weight loss. Our recipes are inspired by the fast metabolism diet principles, focusing on whole foods that boost your body's natural ability to shed pounds. 

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