As a certified holistic nutritionist and executive wellness coach, I get to put my passion into practice. Every day, I get to experience the life-changing power of women embracing new habits, routines and mindsets and the incredible impact this has on their bodies, their moods and their lives.

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I bring my experience and empathy gained from my own lifelong health struggles into a coaching practice that changes lives. 
Super sweet and caring – but also a badass and I don’t mince words.

While all our stories are unique, I’ve often navigated very similar struggles as those I serve.

Stretching. Affirmations. Meditation. Drinking Water. Anti-aging skin care ;)


Coaching clients. Speaking to groups. Riding my Harley. At Pilates. Enjoying the outdoors (boating, beaching, hiking).


Okra. Chocolate (gasp). Faking it. Gimmicks or cons. Negative energy. Bad vibes.


Empowered women.
Rewriting the rulebook.
Self-care as a daily practice.
Finding joy everywhere (or joy as an act of rebellion)


In 2016, my brother convinced me to try a new medicine available for treating (and curing) Hep C. I was timid to try (I was traumatized from my past treatment experience 20 years prior), but reluctantly agreed. After two months of treatment, at age 50, my Hepatitis C was finally cured. So grateful!!!  

When things were finally looking up, perimenopause – and pain stemming from several car accidents earlier in my life – began creating more issues. I began working with an upper cervical chiropractor for the bulging discs in my neck; which helped me avoid neck surgery. Thank goodness! Then in 2019 at age 53, I had a total hysterectomy that required 3-6 months of healing time. Woowee that was rough! When your surgeon tells you “this is major surgery” - listen to them! I struggled for a little while with how long the recovery was taking until I allowed myself the grace and time to heal. 

This surgery thrust me into menopause – and the many side effects that go with it. Although I knew from my studies how hormones impact health and wellness, this firsthand experience helped me in my coaching practice. I’m able to help other women (and myself!) learn how to control insulin and cortisol (which are impacted by diet) because they are foundational to our hormone health. If those are in check, it can help us navigate the wild ride of other hormones.  

Then the pandemic hit in 2020. I became freshly vigilant about keeping our immune system strong. And I was helping my clients do the same. So very grateful for my own wellness journey; I could have easily gained 30 pounds using food for comfort!  

I share all of this with you so you know I understand from my own journey just how frustrating it can be on this wellness journey. This is why I’m so passionate about helping busy menopausal women crack the code to living a healthy lifestyle!

I’ve been in practice more than 25 years, and I continue to seek additional certifications from leading nutritionists and medical professionals – as well as holistic practitioners who address all facets of the wellness wheel. The more I learn and implement in my own journey, the more tools I have to offer you - my client. 

Today, my husband and I (and our cat, Oreo, 2017 hurricane rescue) live in Florida. We enjoy boating and hiking (love being in nature!) and I’m a regular at Club Pilates classes. 

In 2003, I took my nutrition and wellness coaching and training business full-time. In 2004, I learned about the glycemic index – which felt like the missing piece of the puzzle. I truly felt like I had cracked the code on why we all go on and off diets. It was a game-changer for me – and for my clients. 
In 2007, my husband and I packed up our lives (selling anything that didn’t fit in our pickup truck) and moved from Alaska to Florida. Despite knowing only one other person in my new state, my business began to thrive and my roster of clients expanded internationally. My health and fitness also continued to improve; I was down a size 8 – but I knew there was a next level.

By 2014, I had truly engrained my learnings into my lifestyle. I focused on the benefits I’d receive versus what I was giving up. And after decades of having a range of clothing sizes from 8 to my heaviest times a size 16 in my closet – my body got to (and stayed) a size 4.

Me in my 20's

For me, the struggle to feel good and love my body began early. After moving to New York at age five, I was diagnosed with severe asthma. Over the next five years I was put on oxygen, hospitalized frequently, had my tonsils removed and was taking countless medications for allergies and asthma.

At age 10, I was exhibiting very hyperactive behavior and was diagnosed with overactive thyroid. As a teen, I learned that staying off my thyroid medication meant I would stay super skinny. This led to a thyroid storm that landed me in the hospital – twice

After these frightening incidents, my Dad insisted we do something different. After all, not taking thyroid medication as prescribed can have pretty dire consequences. So at age 17, I was given radioactive iodine to zap my thyroid. I’ll never forget that day. Someone in a hazmat suit pulled the iodine pill from a capsule. It was terrifying. I resisted, but reluctantly took the medication. And that was the end of my thyroid. Now, I take a pill every day that mimics its function. 

And so began my journey with weight gain and weight loss. I could no longer eat whatever I wanted and stay slim. And, I was using food to cope with the debilitating effects of multiple chronic conditions: asthma, allergies, headaches, thyroid issues and chronic pain (what today we call “fibromyalgia” but then, didn’t have a name). 

Despite a daily regimen of pills and inhalers, I was so sick. So miserable. My Dad took me to see leading specialists, but no one was able to pinpoint my issues and offer me relief. 

Meanwhile, I was wrestling with social, emotional and mental stressors as well. I moved away from home at age 17 after a decade-long toxic relationship with my mother. I began dating a 21-year-old and after 2 years together, he died of suicide. I dove into alcoholism as a way to cope with all the stress, trauma and baggage no 19-year-old is equipped to handle. 

At age 23, I went to a treatment center in Minnesota. I got sober, but my health issues continued to plague me; especially now that I was no longer numbing with alcohol. At 26, I met my husband at a Brian Adams concert that I almost didn’t attend. We immediately fell in love. When he relocated to Alaska to be closer to his children, I went with him. 

It was in Alaska that I began working with a holistic doctor. This is where my wellness journey began (and almost ended). She first suggested I eliminate dairy from my diet – to which I replied, “go to hell.” I thought she was crazy!

Two weeks later I returned, apologetically. I quickly learned the incredible impact that nutrition could have on my health, my body, my life. I know the health and wellness “industry” has plenty of skeptics, but I honestly think I would be dead if I hadn’t pursued my own wellness journey and my own wellness career.

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I finally found a form of exercise that both grounds me and strengthens me.


At the beach or on the hiking trails is where I find peace and how I re-energize.


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