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Metabolic Vitamins

A "slow metabolism" is an impaired metabolism. Metobolic vitamins are essential for a fully functioning metabolism.  Increase the body's energy, improve metabolism and accelerate weight loss

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Core Health Bundle

This bundle has three premium nutrition products that are the key foundation to support your health and your cells. Your "multivitamin", fish oil & probiotic. 

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Menopause & Mood Support

My fave products I take daily that provide invaluable support during menopause and support my emotional & mental well-being (aka anxiety & stress). 

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Shakes & Bars

I drink this gluten/dairy/soy free, low-glycemic meal replacement shake every morning for breakfast. Makes it SO easy & simple to start your day off right. And these gluten free, low-glycemic bars are great to have in your purse when you're on the run and need something to eat.

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Skin Care Pack

These are the products I use on my face. Love that they are super clean, no nasty ingredients and give me GREAT results! 

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Looking for personalized supplementation to meet your specific needs? 

Let’s create a customized plan for you. 

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When I went through menopause, brain fog & not sleeping well, I reached out to Lora to see what I could do to support my changing hormones. I didn’t know the questions to ask or what I needed. Lora took all the guesswork out, told me exactly what to do & why. Her knowledge of supplementation is incredibly valuable. I know when I’m working with Lora, she'll keep me moving forward in the right direction. This is great peace of mind! - Sue R.

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Meet Your Menopause Health Coach

I’m a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and dedicated Menopause Health Coach helping busy perimenopausal and  menopausal women crack the code to living a healthy lifestyle. As a professional, I know the science behind helping women Feel Great and Love Their Bodies. But as a woman, I understand the demands of real life and the struggles, traumas, and baggage that can get in the way.

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"Lora has given me very tangible, tactical new habits that have set me up for sustained success; not just WHAT to EAT, but WHEN to eat and the many reasons WHY we eat (other than hunger). 

 While I’ve loved watching the number on the scale go down and buying smaller clothes - by far my favorite outcome of this new lifestyle is the peace and steadiness I feel each day - better performance at work, more patience + energy with my kids, and improved biometrics results at the doctor."

- Jennifer

"Lora has helped me understand the importance of nutrition in weight loss.

I was in denial about what I needed to do to make the change that I was after. The great news was that she gave me some simple rules to live by and some simple changes to make that would completely change my results."

- Heather

"Never would have believed all of these results would have happened in only 4 weeks!

 I released 10 lbs, inches around my waist & hips, have way more energy during the day, reduced brain fog, no more bloated feeling, sleeping better and my arthritis issues are greatly reduced! Now 4 months later I've reached my goal weight & I continue to feel even better. 

- Mary

After an entire year and nothing working, not even losing an ounce, I signed up for Lora’s 4 week new years group, I’ve lost 8lbs so far in just 1 month!

 I have more sustained energy than ever before and sleep better at night! Her meals work with my busy work and life schedule which was the biggest hurdle for me to overcome. It IS possible to eat more and watch the stubborn fat and weight melt away quickly! I highly recommend everyone with weight or energy issues seek Lora for her expert guidance!

- Beth H.

I never thought I’d lose this weight. No matter how carefully I watched what I ate or worked out. But Lora gave me clarity - and created accountability - so I could see how my choices impacted my results. 

Now it's 1 year & 80 pounds later, it’s amazing to see how this mindset shift has snowballed into other areas of my life. My joint issues are gone, I sleep better, and my brain fog is lifted. I no longer wake up with all that achy inflammation in the mornings - now I have a lot of energy and I'm ready to take on the day. Lora has changed my life!! 

- Molly M.

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Feel better and enjoy your life.

Join countless women who've found balance, energy, and confidence with Lora's holistic coaching. Feel great, love your body, and live the vibrant life you deserve.


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