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Don't Let Menopause Hold You Back!

Struggling with the unpredictability of perimenopause OR Postmenopause?

From sleep disturbances to unexplained weight gain, you're not alone. Discover a holistic approach to regain control and feel like yourself again.

Learn The Best Ways To Manage This Time In Your Life. 

Step into a caring space with a Menopause Health Coach, shaped by more than 25 years of know-how and my own journey through menopause. I blend expert advice with real-life insights to give you practical tips and kind support. We'll tackle menopause's ups and downs together, turning each challenge into a chance for personal growth and happiness.

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Meet Your Menopause Health Coach

I’m a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Executive Wellness Coach, and dedicated Menopause Health Coach helping busy menopausal women crack the code to living a healthy lifestyle.

As a professional, I know the science behind helping women Feel Great and Love Their Bodies. But as a woman, I understand the demands of real life and the struggles, traumas, and baggage that can get in the way.

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How to Work Together

Choose the Right Service for You

Opt for the personal focus of Private Coaching, the shared journey of Group Programs, or the independence of Self-Guided Programs, based on your needs and lifestyle.

Dive into the service

Embark on your chosen service with an open heart and mind. Each program is designed to empower you with knowledge, support, and practical strategies, tailor-made for your menopause journey.

Experience the Transformation

Feel and see the difference as you apply what you’ve learned. Improvements in your physical health, emotional well-being, and overall quality of life so you Feel Great & Love Your Body!

Your Journey to Menopause Wellness in 3 Simple Steps

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These are common things I hear from the women I work with as a Menopause Health Coach

You don’t recognize yourself when you look in the mirror. Seeing yourself in photos tanks your confidence and ruins your day

Even if you have exciting plans, getting dressed steals some of the joy and excitement

Your energy levels have bottomed out – no amount of coffee seems to help

You find yourself snapping at those you love most

Incessant brain fog has dulled your creative edge at work

Self-care seems like a foreign concept  – but maybe it’s time to explore?

You know your body (and nervous systems) have born the burden of years of STRESS and you want to take better care of her

You want to repay the loan you've taken out on your body – you want to nurture it for longevity, disease prevention, and stress reduction

You're skeptical of the fad diets, exercise routines and 20-something influencers trying to sell you gimmicky junk

You don’t want to DIET, you just want to FEEL BETTER and enjoy your life

You've tried it all before anyway and none of it really worked

Sound like you?

If so, let's work together.

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"Lora has given me very tangible, tactical new habits that have set me up for sustained success; not just WHAT to EAT, but WHEN to eat and the many reasons WHY we eat (other than hunger). 

 While I’ve loved watching the number on the scale go down and buying smaller clothes - by far my favorite outcome of this new lifestyle is the peace and steadiness I feel each day - better performance at work, more patience + energy with my kids, and improved biometrics results at the doctor."

- Jennifer

"Lora has helped me understand the importance of nutrition in weight loss.

I was in denial about what I needed to do to make the change that I was after. The great news was that she gave me some simple rules to live by and some simple changes to make that would completely change my results."

- Heather

"Never would have believed all of these results would have happened in only 4 weeks!

 I released 10 lbs, inches around my waist & hips, have way more energy during the day, reduced brain fog, no more bloated feeling, sleeping better and my arthritis issues are greatly reduced! Now 4 months later I've reached my goal weight & I continue to feel even better. 

- Mary

After an entire year and nothing working, not even losing an ounce, I signed up for Lora’s 4 week new years group, I’ve lost 8lbs so far in just 1 month!

 I have more sustained energy than ever before and sleep better at night! Her meals work with my busy work and life schedule which was the biggest hurdle for me to overcome. It IS possible to eat more and watch the stubborn fat and weight melt away quickly! I highly recommend everyone with weight or energy issues seek Lora for her expert guidance!

- Beth H.

I never thought I’d lose this weight. No matter how carefully I watched what I ate or worked out. But Lora gave me clarity - and created accountability - so I could see how my choices impacted my results. 

Now it's 1 year & 80 pounds later, it’s amazing to see how this mindset shift has snowballed into other areas of my life. My joint issues are gone, I sleep better, and my brain fog is lifted. I no longer wake up with all that achy inflammation in the mornings - now I have a lot of energy and I'm ready to take on the day. Lora has changed my life!! 

- Molly M.

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