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Are you ready to shift to a plant-based lifestyle but need help figuring out where to begin? I felt the same way! Thankfully, through my trial and error, I've paved the way and can help you start your plant-based transformation. And guess what?! It doesn't have to be all or nothing. This is also a great option if you're a veteran plant-based eater and not seeing the results you hoped for in your current plant-based lifestyle! 

Maybe you want to adopt a plant-based lifestyle to tackle health concerns, lose a few pounds, or re-up your energy levels, boost your immune system, and supercharge digestion - whatever the reason, I am here to help! 

With 30-days of nutritious, fun, and creative recipes your taste buds and body will feel energetic, vibrant, and healthy without heavy meals full of rice, pasta, and potatoes.

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Let this be the year you...

…make sure your nutritional bases are covered, eat meals that actually satisfy you, AND get the jaw-dropping results you want. 

Many weight loss or wellness programs focus on deprivation instead of nourishing your body properly and avoiding the chemicals found in so many of today’s “foods.” But with a plant-based diet, you get the benefits of weight loss, increased energy and improved mood while nourishing your body with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it craves.

Are you ready to transform your health & your life? 

Plant-Based Pitfalls

Have past attempts at going plant-based not panned out? It’s not your fault. Not all plant-based programs are created equal. Here are 3 common plant-based pitfalls: 


Be wary of trying to go “all-in” too quickly. It can be tempting to try to go 100% from the start, but remember, this is a personal journey and changes have to fit into your life and circumstances. Making small changes over time is often a more sustainable approach. 


A vegan diet can include highly processed meat and cheese substitutes, processed carbs and prepared foods that are marketed as “plant-based” but pack a ton of added artificial ingredients. Conversely, a plant-based diet prioritizes having minimally processed foods (from nature) that meet your nutritional needs. 


Many plant-based programs amp up the servings of pasta/rice/potatoes in place of actual plants. The glycemic spikes these foods cause lead to inflammation, stored fat, a SLOWER metabolism, feelings of brain fog, and bad digestion. 

"Where do I even begin Lora ... I'm speechless! I have dropped 16 pounds in 6 weeks but even better, I feel so healthy and so much more energized! Even my skin is looking so much better.

Before I found you, I thought I was watching what I ate and couldn't understand why I felt so sick and out of control. I wasn't happy and all I wanted to do was lay down. My Doctor said I would be on Prilosec for the rest of my life but guess what ... I haven't taken it for a week and no issues like I had before! Thank you Lora for putting all the pieces together for me and showing me how to eat more food (lots of veggies) and in the right combination."


"Thank you for sharing your knowledge & expertise and giving me the tools to live a healthy life.

I have a sense of wellness & control over how I feel, food choices I make and the results. Yes of course there are missteps but having the information allows me to reset & recover. A BIG thank you to Lora!"

— Shirley

Want to love your body? Try showing your body some love.

Weight gain. Bloating. Brain fog. Fatigue. Moodiness. We often attribute these issues to stress, age or sleep habits and underestimate the role our diet plays. My clients who undergo a Plant-based Transformation to lose weight or avoid chronic disease (i.e. heart disease, diabetes) are often pleasantly surprised by – not just lower BMIs – but clearer skin, better digestion, lower stress levels, and increased energy.

After decades battling chronic conditions, moving to a plant-based diet completely transformed my health, my body and my life. 


30-Day Plant-Based Transformation

This self-guided program has been carefully crafted and is LOADED with antioxidants and nutrients that will help your body THRIVE.

After just a few days, you’ll notice your energy levels improve, your brain fog will begin to disappear, and your skin and hair will begin to have a radiant glow! 

You will also start to eliminate excess wastes and toxins, helping restore balance throughout your body.

Here's What You'll Get


Full 30-day Meal Plan

...simple, delicious, dietitian-approved plant-based meals that are designed to help you feel healthy and energized. If you’re not ready to make the leap to 100% plant-based diet, you still can use this program – just supplement with some animal protein. 

Weekly “Print & Go” Grocery Lists for all your gluten-free, low-glycemic recipes

…you’ll know exactly what to buy. None of the rice/pasta/potatoes that cause inflammation and unhealthy blood sugar spikes.

Success Guide

…this contains everything you need to know to follow this program, with tons of tips for living a plant-based lifestyle. 

Exclusive Access to our Private Facebook Group 

Meet other people taking this journey with you, ask questions, share experiences, and get advice. You’ll get all the support, accountability, and everything else you’ll need to fast-track your success!

Support every step of the way. 

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how does this sound?

Try out a plant-based diet (the healthy way)

Kickstart your metabolism

And experience the true power of plant-based eating

Reduce risk of chronic disease (like heart disease, diabetes, even certain types of cancer)

More confidence

Reduce stress

Improve productivity due to better focus

Feel re-energized!

Get your glow back (clearer skin)

Stop the cravings

Sleep better

Fit into your favorite jeans

Lose body fat

Jumpstart your results

“Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.” 

Author, In Defense of Food

— Michael Pollan

"Lora has given me very tangible, tactical new habits that have set me up for sustained success; not just WHAT to EAT, but WHEN to eat and the many reasons WHY we eat (other than hunger).

 While I’ve loved watching the number on the scale go down and buying smaller clothes - by far my favorite outcome of this new lifestyle is the peace and steadiness I feel each day - better performance at work, more patience + energy with my kids, and improved biometrics results at the doctor."

— Jennifer

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