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This is What Connects the Dots…


I'm Lora!

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A Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Menopause & Metabolism Specialist and Executive Wellness Coach helping busy menopausal women crack the code to living a healthy lifestyle so You Feel Great & Love Your Body!

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A few years ago, I had a client who didn’t just reach her goals — she smashed every last one of them.  

And she made it look easy. The reason it looked easy?  

She connected the dots… and then she CHOSE to bring her goals to life with small day-to-day habits. 

No, she wasn’t a former athlete. But she did work a full-time job, had 1 kid still at home, a social life… 

AND she also had been out of shape and overweight for most of her adult life (her words, not mine)

Over the years she had gone on a lot of diets. You name it, she has tried it. 

Also over the years, she also was on and off with her workouts, but for some reason, couldn’t make anything stick. 

It wasn’t until she started looking at her ENTIRE LIFESTYLE that she started getting the results she wanted. 

She realized that if she wanted to stop the yo-yo dieting and punishing workout sprees, she needed to take a big-picture view and upgrade everything in a way that worked with her life and schedule.

(And that’s when she hired me.) 

  • We created a custom meal strategy that worked for her and her schedule (a biggie, because this lady was BUSY!) 
  • We made a few lifestyle “tweaks” to help keep her appetite and energy levels in check 
  • She started working out three times a week and snuck in extra cardio if she had time 
  • Then, she worked her plan — and (importantly) she gave the plan time to work FOR her  

It wasn’t long before people started asking her what she was doing… because she absolutely glowed! 

photo of a woman who connected the dots and transformed her lifestyle

The bottom line? Once she realized that it was a “lifestyle thing” vs. a “diet” or “exercise thing” –- and that it all worked together — she was able to explode her results (and stop wasting time). 

What dots can YOU connect to get you those results you’ve been working so hard for? 

If you want to know exactly how I help busy menopausal women lose the belly and feel great, you can read our program breakdown here

Make it an amazing day, 

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